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Moses Enterprises

Circlehead aluminium #4

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Moses circleheads are of the highest quality, for superior function, reliability, and peace of mind. All materials are premium quality and the cables are double backed through the head for extra strength. Made in the USA by Moses Enterprises.


Size #2

  • Cable: 1,6 mm 7×7 galvanized aircraft cable
  • Sleeves: Aluminium

Size #3

  • Cable: 3,2 mm 7x19 galvanized aircraft cable
  • Sleeves: Aluminium

Size #4

  • Cable: 4 mm 7×19 galvanized aircraft cable
  • Sleeves: Aluminium


To properly place and clean heads, you'll need a hammer, wire brush, punch, chisel and butterknife. We do not recommend using a funkness device to clean heads as this may cause unnecessary damage to the rock or rip the cable from the head, which may make future placements impossible.