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The Moses butterknife is a specialized tool for removing fixed heads and deadheads. It's made in the USA of high quality, heat-treated steel with a custom-ground radius and point. 

A galvanized aircraft cable wrist loop is attached to a smooth, lathe-cut groove for peace of mind when you're on the wall. The cable is covered with 1/4” black PVC tubing and the zinc-plated copper sleeves are covered with red PVC heat-shrink, for a smooth and comfortable feel. The tools are wrapped with black athletic cloth tape, for comfort and improved grip.

How to use

Tap the point of the Butterknife into a fixed blob of copper or aluminum, such that the point has a good bite, and then tap the side of the end of the Butterknife towards the rock, to use leverage to pry out the blob, with the radius of the Butterknife acting as the fulcrum. 

The Butterknife can also be used as a chisel, to scrape out any remaining bits of metal from a clogged placement. Once all of the metal has been removed, using a wire brush and a blowtube to finish the cleaning process is recommended, before placing a new head.